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  • Oct 31, 2018
  • 8 Applications
0 - 30,000 Intern Junior upto 2 years Business Development Customer Service Entry Level Finance Marketing
Accept Only Candidate with valid work permit English

Job Description:

Yusudi is an award-winning social enterprise. We find tactical solutions to the professional and cultural challenges that you are facing in the workplace. Since 2016, Yusudi has been at the forefront in providing innovative learning paths that boost career success and inspire more meaningful career lives for over 500 youths. We have been featured by World Bank’s InfoDev as leaders in the youth development space in Kenya (read here: and we were recently awarded as the best enterprise in the Education and Employability sector in Kenya during the 2018 Nairobi Innovation Week (read here: Read more about us here

We are accepting applications from qualified graduates who are looking to grow their careers. Learn how to use your unique talents for professional development through an interactive, 5-month, full-time practical program designed to develop your career and business skills, and support your success in a chosen path

During the first part of the program, you will develop your self-concept to understand your values, what you are good at, what are your areas of improvement and create a career and learning journey to grow in those aspects.


You can expect: 

  • 1-month high-level Skills training at, designed to develop your professional skill set. All the workshops will teach transferable skills, designed to be beneficial across a range of industries and career paths, but also give information and advice specific to the employer. 
  • PAID Internship placement (Monthly stipend) in one of our partner companies designed to lead to longterm employment (87% recruitment rate)
  • Exclusive access to company facilities, and an inside look at the structure and culture of various employers  
  • An opportunity to mingle with and gain advice from recent graduates and key recruiters.
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the program
  • On job coaching during the training and at the internship level
  • Lifelong opportunity to be part of a professional alumni community

We focus on developing your business skills and soft skills through 

  1. Workshops, guest speakers, and online training. 
  2. Up-skilling in areas you have basic skills but don't feel comfortable enough. 
  3. A PAID Internship in a company that we have pre-selected

During the last part of the program, we support you in gaining skills to sell yourself to companies or to set yourself up as an entrepreneur.

Who is Eligible? 

We are looking to meet with motivated and enthusiastic youthful professionals from a variety of academic backgrounds, across all faculties, including (but not limited to) sciences, Commerce, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Digital Marketing, accounting, sales, and Business Development. The application criteria are as follows: 

  • You should be a youth between the ages of 18 - 34
  • You must be willing to learn and commit to the 1-month training and the 4 months of internship. 
  • You must be a Nairobi resident or are willing to move to Nairobi.
  • You must commit to attending ALL the Training sessions, except in cases of evidenced illness or emergency.   
  • Bachelors/Diploma in any background

INTERESTS: Business Development, Sales, Digital Marketing and Marketing

Apply Now 

This is an exclusive opportunity and spaces are limited. We are interested in the most engaged graduates who will be committed to making the most of this exciting opportunity. The top 50 applications will be admitted into the program. Let us know why we should consider you!

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