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Sep 17, 2018
Full time
Key Deliverables: Generally, the jobholder will perform Control Room daily operations with high integrity and efficiency. The duties and responsibilities are but not limited to the following:   Track vehicle  locations by GPS systemMake comparison of actual amounts fuelled vs. invoiced amounts on a daily and monthly basis and highlight discrepancies in the reports.Ensure strict compliance with company regulations by drivers.Identify on-road exceptions and take immediate remedial action including co-ordinating and responding to emergency situationsLiaise with drivers, operations personnel and ManagementDevelop and present daily management reports relating to vehicle utilization and trackingMonitor truck driver performance by Identifying poor trends and driving behaviour through real time and weekly system reports and alerts.Analyse operational efficiency of each vehicle in terms of idle time, stop time etc. as a percentage to identify any underutilized vehicles on monthly basis.Make comparison of the mapped route vs. the actual route followed on each day and take follow up action to find out cause of deviation.Calculate various metrics such as loaves/km, loaves/litre, customers/km to determine efficiency of routes and areas with low presence or penetration on monthly basis for each route.Maintain register of alerts from the analysis, who has been contacted and what action has been taken.Any other duties related to or arising from the performance of what is listed above.   Essential Requirements: The Job Holder must possess; A Bachelor’s degree.Minimum of 5 years work experience in a similar position.   Essential Competencies Alert and keen on details. Good analytical and problem solving skills.Excellent IT skills and ability to interpret data.Integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.Good report writing skills with ability to provide timely and accurate reportsGood record keeping skillsAbility to take initiative and use own judgmentFlexibility as the job may entail shift work(day/night)