About us

Talent Board is an online platform that brings Job Seekers, Employers and Recruiters together.

We make sure that your career opportunities as an Employer or a Recruiter are easier to Find, Fill and Share.

As a Job Seeker, the platform allows you to build a strong Professional Network that enhances your Career Opportunities. You can also refer friends to Jobs and get Paid when they get hired.

This large and diverse network also allows Employers to reach out to more people and make their Hiring Process faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Some of the best Jobs never even get advertised. Talent Board is connected to a large number of Employers and Companies and helps you use your Network to find relevant Jobs. Recommend Jobs to Friends and help them out. And if you want to find out more about potential Employers other people will be able to share insights and ratings about the company.

Employers can post Free and Unlimited Jobs directly, or by sending an email . We do the hard work by Publishing it automatically, so that you get more Applications. Share it on your Friends' Walls and ask for Referrals or Introductions!